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Thank you for joining the L-W-O Community (L-W-O), and welcome. My name is Gaynor Leech and I have had lymphoedema since 2011, I am here to help you understand what it is like to live with this condition. You can discover non-medical guidance, support, and tips on this website, and if required, L-W-O will direct you to sources or organisations that you might find useful through our signposting page.

Since the L-W-O Community was founded in 2013, we have expanded to a 4,500-person community. We can offer non-medical information and support whether you have primary lymphoedema, secondary lymphoedema, or a lymphatic malformation. Lymphoedema may be controlled and treated, but sadly, for those of us who live with this condition, supported self-care is not always provided by the NHS.

Through this website, we will demonstrate to you how you can enhance your daily activities and provide the justification and the "why" so that you can manage your lymphoedema. Let your personality shine through, not your lymphoedema.

For a full range of the services, we provide follow this link …

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It's all about Community

It's all about Community
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L-W-O Community promotes Patient Empowerment and Community Engagement


The goal of L-W-O Community is to support our members' decision-making. We support community involvement and patient empowerment.


We could produce fact sheets, but this website contains a wealth of information.


We can improve community participation, inform, and raise awareness about lymphoedema through our online posters and video presentations.

Below some of the Topics we cover

Skin care products
Compression link to our compression page
Movement is the key to control lymphoedema
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When LWO doesn't have the answer we signpost to appropriate organisations.
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L-W-O Community is here for you; come join our welcoming Facebook support group and chat with members who can relate to you. Come join us here.

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According to estimates, 450,000 people in the UK are now receiving treatment for lymphoedema (Source British Lymphology Society).

A lot of myths have been perpetuated over the years about lymphoedema, and if we can, we will dispel them, explain why they're false, and advise you on any measures you should take so, you choose how to take care of yourself.

Check out the BLS Myth Buster here...

Look out for #MythBuster on each webpage

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If you find the support and information on the    L-W-O Community website useful, please consider supporting us by taking out a yearly subscription. Your contribution helps maintain this valuable resource for those living with lymphoedema or lymphatic malformations. 

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